Design & Engineering

CIS Global’s Design Engineering team is the key to our customers value and success in the market. We offer a global approach to value-added product design and engineering design services. CIS recognizes the need for localized development interface to address geographical product differentiation and delivers on a best in class cost model to provide the best value to our customers and the consumer.


Design Engineering is at the center of everything we do.

CIS Global’s commitment to early stage engagement and a flexible business approach to optimize time to market, allows us to deliver the right solution at the right value. CIS Global’s innovative and experienced talent pool provides the agility and expertise to support product design engagements across a wide spectrum, covering a broad range of technical competencies. Whatever the customer’s needs, CIS Global is uniquely positioned to provide a world class customer service experience that will exceed all expectations.

CIS Global works with a variety of industry leaders, operating as a seamless extension of their teams, enhancing existing work units while leveraging our talented and innovative design engineering team to craft the precise solution for customers’ specific needs. Broad product design engineering capabilities in a vast array of product areas and deep competencies in specific product areas allow CIS Global to deliver truly innovative product designs with a swift time-to-market. CIS Global specializes in motion technology, power management, and display products in a variety of customized environments that allows our customers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.