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Data Centers

CIS Global supplies server rack mount slides and rack power distribution units (PDUs) to the IT Datacenter market. Leading global server OEMs trust CIS to develop and deliver rack mount technologies which support critical data center operations all over the world. For PDUs, we supply to both OEM customers as well as end-customers using our Enlogic brand.

Rack Accessories

CIS develops a wide variety of Rack Accessory products which solve a number of challenges in managing datacenters and creating a more efficient work environment:

  • Racks
  • Electronic Security Access
  • Environmental monitors/sensors
  • Cable Management
  • Tray consoles
  • Ballast options (Rack stabilization)
  • Blanking Panels (Optimization of airflow)
  • TFT Consoles (18.5” wide screen)

Our engineering teams work on developing solutions for OEM’s that will leverage existing technology and allow for customization into specific rack/datacenter environments with minimal engagement from customer engineering teams.


The CIS portfolio of professional-class power distribution units meets the needs of nearly every IT application ranging from network closets to enterprise data centers. The product range includes both Enlogic branded and OEM labeled options with a full suite of off-the-shelf configurations. Our dedicated PDU engineering team allows CIS to provide quick-turn customized products for large data center projects or OEM customers with tight development timelines.

The CIS product range includes both basic PDUs and intelligent network managed PDU solutions. Our intelligent range includes input metered, outlet switched, and outlet metered products for every application. Embedded cabinet environmental and security access options allow CIS intelligent PDUs to collect, monitor, and alert users of all potential threats to their critical data center operation.

Energy Meters

Real-time input circuit level monitoring solution for adding network monitoring to basic PDUs or standalone equipment.

Consumer Appliances

CIS Global supplies premium sliding oven racks, oven slide rails, oven grates, dishwasher slide rails, and refrigerator slide rails. We supply to both high-volume mass market as well as premium luxury segments within the consumer appliances market.

Ovens and Stove Tops


  • Premium sliding oven racks (H1 compliant lubricants)
  • Stainless steel slide rails
  • Nickel plated racks for superior look
  • Oven grates
  • Warming and Baking drawer slide rails




  • Premium rail full extension slides
  • Stainless steel options with ultra smooth motion
  • Superior stability in side to side motion that is best in the industry
  • Drop-in mounting for ease of dish rack removal and installation
  • Development resource for various height adjuster applications
  • Fine screen stainless filters with precision tolerancing


  • Bottom mount freezer slides with self-close mechanism to ensure proper door seal
  • ¾ and full extension slide options for crisper drawers
  • Ability to customize various feature sets and functionality per customer
  • Slide options for wine cabinets
  • FDA lubricants for safe and smooth slide motion

IT Servers

CIS is a leading supplier of slide rails for the IT server market. All top server OEM’s in the world trust CIS to develop and deliver rack mount technologies, on-time every time and with 6-sigma quality.

Server Rack Mounts

CIS Global is a leader for today’s demanding server rack mount products. We take great pride in the fact that the top server OEM’s in the world today trust CIS to develop and deliver rack mount technologies which support critical data center operations all over the world.

With both US and Asia development teams, we have and will continue to invest in some of the most experienced engineers in the field today. This allows CIS to provide end to end support for a variety of solutions from low volume applications all the way up to the most cost sensitive Hyperscale datacenters.

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